Apparel Brand Marketing Dashboard | Notion Template

Kevin Barrett
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A Notion Template great for starting out an online apparel brand with a focus on marketing through an Instagram account and Facebook Ads. 

What you'll be able to do with this template:

✅ Take control of your apparel brand's marketing effort through Facebook and Instagram.

✅ Make more informed decisions on what content to focus more Instagram posts on and what hashtags lead to high-performing posts.

✅ Keep track of your profit margins to help you strategize for sales and promotions.

✅ Create a focused and appealing brand to build your fanbase from the get-go.

What's included in this template:

Instagram Post Scheduler and Performance Tracker

For scheduling and scoring the performance of your posts for your Instagram account.

Product Price/Profit Tracker

For keeping track of the different types of products you have available to sell. Also helps calculate profit margins, sale prices and profits, and Breakeven ROAS.

Apparel Design Performance Tracker

For keeping track of the designs you make for your apparel brand. Measure how popular your designs are based on the Instagram posts you use them in.

Hashtag Tracker

For keeping track of the variety of hashtags you use for your posts. Also helps compare the Hashtags you use based on the performance of the Posts that use them.

Influencer Tracker

For keeping track of influencers you want to reach out to for collaborations or brand ambassadorship.

Days of the Week Tracker

A linked database that helps you compare what days of the week are performing the best for your Instagram posts.

Additional Resources Included:

Brand Concept Worksheet

Start out with a strong brand presence by figuring out what makes your brand unique and who your brand is for. A good exercise in building your brand story and finding your target audience.

Facebook Ad Funnel Guide (Basic Version)

This guide helps you figure out the best campaign strategies using Facebook Ads. Use these guides to develop your sales funnel to target customers through each buying stage from stranger to loyal buyer.

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Apparel Brand Marketing Dashboard | Notion Template

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